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Tatvayog Adishakti - Dhoop Sticks Pack (20 Dhoop Sticks)

 Bring home the primordial power with these specially created aroma sticks. A fascinating fragrance of courageous Black Pepper for fearless action (karma) on the foundation of Almond (willpower) arising from worship of abundant Roses, Freesia and Iris flowers for cosmic wisdom (Jnana). Realize your potential with aroma sticks for Adishakti...

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Ahimsa - Dhoop Sticks Pack (20 Dhoop Sticks)

The cooling properties of Sandal calm the mind and help you rein in your emotions better. A calm mind is ready to receive divine messages from the Supreme.Made From Natural Oils and Resin,gives a pleasant fragrance which can be used for spiritual purposes or even to make the atmosphere Serene and Tranquil...

Rs. 145.00

Tatvayog Aishwarya Lakshmi - Dhoop Sticks Pack (20 Dhoop Sticks)

Bring home Abundance and Prosperity with these specially created aroma sticks. An enchanting fragrance of Lotus,Saffron,Pomegranate and Rose.Realize your postential with Aroma Sticks for Lakshmi. ..

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Akshobhya Buddha - Dhoop Sticks Pack (20 Dhoop Sticks)

Experience Pure Tranquillity. An Infinite Ocean-Wide Love Through Pineapple And Bergamot That’S Bright As Sunshine And Pure As Supreme Knowledge. Cardamom And Lotus To Form A Compassionate Heart-To-Heart Bond. Neroli And Rosemary For Righteousness. Tonka Musk And Rosewood For Abounding Bliss...

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Anekantavada - Dhoop Sticks Pack (20 Dhoop Sticks)

 The Spicy Notes Of Pure Saffron Prepare The Mind To Be Acceptable To Thoughts Which Could Be Contrary. This Helps Remove Discord And Leads You To See Truth In Different Dimensions.Saffron fragrance is known to be an Aphrodisiac and also brightens your mood and alleviates mild to moderate Depression...

Rs. 145.00

Tatvayog Aparigraha - Dhoop Sticks Pack - (20 Dhoop Sticks)

<B>Aparigraha</B><Br><Br> Saffron And Sandal Give Your Mind The Tranquility To Remain Unaffected And At Peace. The Unique Sweet, Spicy And Woody Notes Keep Your Emotions Observant But Non-Particpative...

Rs. 145.00

TatvaYog Jainism Dhoopstick Pack - Introducing Selectively Created Janism Dhoopstick - Pack of 3

Invoke the blessings of the Great ones. Let the mind be quiet and get ready to listen to the truth of your heart. Introducing selectively created Janism dhoopstick with calming scents of the delicate saffron petals and gentle woody sandalwood...

Rs. 395.00

Tatvayog Krishna Leela - Dhoop Sticks Pack - (20 Dhoop Sticks)

<B>Krishna Leela</B> (Dhoop)<Br><Br>Make This A Part Of Your Krishna Puja Items. Invoke The Charming One, With An Enchanting Essence That Brings Together His Adored Osmanthus, Jasmine Buds And Rose Petals. Sweet Sparkling Orange, Devoted Vanilla, Silken Musk, Protecting Patchouli, Sandalwood And Vetiver. Receive His Eternal Love With His Favorite Puja Items...

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Shivohum - Dhoop Sticks Pack - (20 Dhoop Sticks)

<B>Shivohum</B> (Dhoop)<Br><Br> Calm The Angry One. Light A Stick In The Dhoop Burner And Welcome His Grace With The Metallic Power And Fearlessness Of Meditative Vibhuti, Woods, Bergamot, Clary Sage And Cinnamon. <Br> Let The Aroma From The Dhoop Burner Awaken The Sense Of Being (Sat) With Orris Root, Awareness With Carnation And Supreme Bliss With Honey...

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Siddhidayak Ganesh - Dhoop Sticks Pack - (20 Dhoop Sticks)

<B>Siddhidayak Ganesh</B> (Dhoop)<Br><Br> Meditate On The Powers Of The Wise One With An Authentic Indian Dhoop Stick. Its Auspicious Fragrance Is Crafted From His Adored Sumptuous Modaks, Equanimously Dedicated Hibiscus And Courageous Durva Grass. The First Ever Indian Dhoop For The Favourite God Of Indians...

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Suryavanshi Ram - Dhoop Sticks Pack - (20 Dhoop Sticks)

<B>Suryavanshi Ram</B> (Dhoop)<Br><Br> The Best Dhoop Sticks For The Perfect One. Imbibe Sparkling Yuzu'S Intelligence, Cardamom'S Generosity, Neroli'S Openness And Command, Amber'S Warm Authority And Popularity With A Loving Musk Core In A Royal Balsam Coat...

Rs. 195.00

Tatvayog Veer Hanuman - Dhoop Sticks Pack - (20 Dhoop Sticks)

<B>Veer Hanuman</B> (Dhoop)<Br><Br> The Ultimate Devotee.The Mightiest Warrior.His Contrasting Traits Are Highlighted With Witty Grapefruit And Muguet'S Humility. Woody Valor With Crisp Olive'S Virtue And Strength With Metallic Aldehydic. His Dynamic Energy Is Communicated Through Innocent Amber, A Touch Of Magical Green Sanjeevanibootiand A Hint Of Ocean...

Rs. 195.00