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Lord Shiva Paintings - Ardhanarishwara (mountain)
Lord Shiva Paintings - Ardhanarishwara (mountain)
Lord Shiva Paintings - Ardhanarishwara (mountain)
Lord Shiva Paintings - Ardhanarishwara (mountain)

Lord Shiva Paintings - Ardhanarishwara (mountain)

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About the painting

Ardhanarishwara is a singular form of the dual nature of the masculine and feminine energy of the cosmos. It is represented by the combined form of Hindu god Shiva and his consort Shakti. It shows that the true god is non-dual, and the duality exists only in our physical world/existence. Ardhanarishwara is a symbol of creation. Wherein Shakti is representative of the dynamic energy or creative principle of existence.Shiva, the personification of the transcendental, static,control, immutable principle is incapable of creation. Ardhanarishwara denotes the inseparability of all male and female forms, the cause of creation, and the constant dynamic power of nature carrying everything from growth to decay. Best suited for Temple Art, Altar Art, Enhancing the Interior of your home.

Size chart

Available in 3 Sizes & Prices (This Price does not include the Frame, the frame used in image is only for the visual purpose)

  • (12" x 18" inches on Coated matt Paper - Rs.2200/-)
  • (16" x 20" inches on Coated matt Paper - Rs.3000/-)
  • (2ft x 3ft on Cotton Canvas - Rs.4900/-)

About the orignal painting

High-Resolution "Drum" Scan Prints of Master Sacred Artist Pieter Weltevrede student of Harish Johari. Digitally Printed using Ink-jet printer on Premium Coated Matt Paper or Canvas using eco-friendly ultra-chrome inks. The original Painting is made using a "Wash-Technique" with water colors on silk giving the prints a 3-D feel to them. 

About the artist

Pieter Weltevrede is a Master Sacred-Artist based out of the Nederlands. After a many years of guidance, under his guru Late Harish Johari a successful author, a gifted painter and sculptor, a lifetime scholar, an inspiring teacher, a splendid cook, an ayurvedic massage miracle, etc., Pieter embarked on his own journey amalgamating ancient Indian knowledge with his own western sensibilities evolving an art form that appeals to todays international audience. He has been practicing his art form from the last 40 years now. His original paintings are in water colors on silk with a wash-technique that gives them a very three-dimensional feel. The complexity and detail in his works are a super-human endeavor as he continues to live a mundane life travelling between the Western World & India.



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