Map, Shri Krishna

BY Mr Shiv Sagar February 24,2017
Map, Shri Krishna

As we follow the journey of the illustrious avatar of Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna, who is considered the highest human form that ever existed on earth, we can unravel the story of Krishna’s life. Born in jail cell amidst life a threatening situation he was transported by night to Gokul, where he spent most of his childhood days.

Even there Kans had an inclination that he was the chosen one meant to be his doom, and kept sending dark forces to assassinate him. Krishna became the local hero of his village and of the Braj region as his fame spread. This is sacred region of Braj which is the mirror image of the Braj in Go-Lok (where Krishna resides). This sacred land is dotted with numerous pilgrimage sites and temples where the leelas of Bal Krishna were played out. 

Then we move onto the next phase of the story, where Krishna and Balaram not able to hide anymore from Kans are sent to Mathura to meet their fate. After mercilessly killing Kans, Krishna frees his biological parents from the Jail and reinstates the father of Kans (who had also been jailed) as the ruler of Mathura.

From here on also begins the saga of the Mahabharata with a lot many more battles to fight and wars to win. The constant attacks of jarasand and his gang of greedy hoaders eventually forced Krishna to make his capital in Dwarka in the peacful state of present day Gujarat.

Vishwakarma – the celestial architect designed and executed the grand master plan of this ancient city. Archaeologist have recently uncovered ancient ruins under water off the coast of Dwarka and a lot of scientific research is currently going on in this area to uncover the ruins.

The various capitals of the Kauravas and Pandavas are also mentioned on the map. The areas where a small family feud emerged into a world war of catastrophic scale are all mentioned on the map. Click on the numbers marked on the map to get a text box with further details of what happened where. We have attempted to make relevant the current cities of India and connect them to events and cities mentioned in the ancient epics.


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