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BHOUMASUR - the demon the god’s feared

BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 12,2020
BHOUMASUR - the demon the god’s feared

Other names: Bhaumasur, Bhoumasoor  

 lord krishna lifting govardhana parvat painting - artist Pieter Weltevrede

Bhoumasur with his great valour and illusive weapons was able to seize the canopy of Varun (God of sea and wind), earrings of Aditi, and the Mani Parvat (mountain), home of the Devtas (deities). Lord Indra was frightened by the boldness of Bhoumasur, and came to Dwarka, seeking Krishna’s aid.

He told Krishna about the terrors of Bhoumasur. Krishna consoled Indra, assured him all would be well, bade him farewell and then summoned an eagle and, along with Satyabhama, flew to Bhoumasur’s town Pragjyotishpur.

It was difficult to reach Bhoumasur. He was living in a fort, which was surrounded by a valley filled with water on all the four sides. There was a bed of fire and electric current on top of it. The ferocious demon “Moor”, along with with ten thousand lesser demons protected it. When Krishna saw all this, he broke the mountain that stood on one side of the fort with his mace and destroyed the bed of fire and current.

He assassinated the guards with the dreadful sound of his Panchjanya (Conch shell war trumpet). At the sound of Panchjanya, the five-headed demon Moor woke and headed out to the attack. He had a trident, which he swirled around, and struck the eagle with, while howling with his five mouths, the cacophony of which shook the earth, the sky, and the netherworld.

''Krishna struck at Moor’s hand, broke the trident and cut off all his heads. Upon the death of Moor, the army chief Pidh along with his forces attacked Krishna. Lord Krishna’s strength being infinite; he killed Pidh along with his army of men.''

 lord krishna and sheshnaag painting - artist Pieter Weltevrede

Finally Bhoumasur himself came out to fight with Krishna. He released Shataghni (a kind of ancient fire missile) at Shri Krishna. But Shri Krishna deactivated Shataghni and indisposed Bhoumasur’s body parts. Krishna was able to destroy all the weapons that Bhoumasur released at him.

When all his weapons failed, Bhoumasur picked up the trident but Krishna immediately severed his neck with his Sudarshan Chakra (a magical discus which rotates around the index finger) and Bhoumasur’s head fell on the seat on the back of the elephant he was riding.

When Shri Krishna investigated, He found that Bhoumasur had kidnapped sixteen thousand princesses from their fathers and husbands and put them in prison. Krishna released them all from their captivity but the princesses, weeping, told him they had nowhere to go, as their husbands or fathers would not accept them back after they had been held captive by a demon. Krishna immediately gifted them beautiful clothes and sent them all to Dwarka as his brides.

''That is why it is said that Krishna had 16,008 queens. God is the Lord of this Universe and our souls are eternally wed to his cosmic soul, without customary traditions like marriage. He takes care of everyone in this world and protects him or her.  The love here is divine and physical attraction is not given any importance at all.''


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