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Akroor The Devotee - Employee Of Kans

BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 12,2020
Akroor The Devotee - Employee Of Kans

Other names: Akroorji, Akrur, Akrura 

 lord krishna painting - artist Pieter WeltevredeThe devotees of Krishna take his name with great faith. Akroor was born in the Yaduvansh (Yadava family). He was Vasudev brother. Akroor was an employee at Kans assembly. Many employees of Kans had run away but Akroor remained in the assembly.

When Kans tried many ways to kill Krishna and failed every time, he planned to organize a Dhanush Yagya (sacrifice). By the excuse of this Yagya, Kans sent Akroor to invite Krishna and Balram. Since Akroor was Vasudev brother, he knew Nandji and he was very excited about his visit. Even Akroor, the devotee wanted to see Krishna.

''Akroor was happily surprised as this strange twist of destiny that Kans himself was asking him to go to see Krishna, something that his many attempts at had failed. Akroor thought this as a favor from Krishna.''

Though Gokul was very near to Mathura, those days it was very difficult to cross it. Akroor imagined, “I will see Sachhidanand in the form of Krishna with my own eyes. He will call me uncle and embrace me. I will get the special favour of his touch etc.” Thinking this he reached Gokul. Akroor, the devotee met Nandbaba, who called for Krishna and Balram.

As soon as Akroor saw Krishna, he was in tears. He was overjoyed to embrace him. Krishna welcomed his uncle. Akroor asked Krishna about his well being –just to talk with him –otherwise Akroor knew that it was stupid to ask somebody who takes care of this world, about his well being.

''Akroor imagined, “I will see Sachhidanand in the form of Krishna with my own eyes. He will call me uncle and embrace me. I will get the special favour of his touch etc.''

Lord Shri Krishna Painting

Akroor gave the message of Kans to Nand. The next morning, Akroor with Krishna and Balaram left for Mathura on a chariot. The milkmen and milkmaids tried to stop Krishna’s chariot but Krishna convinced them and went ahead. On the way, they passed by River Yamuna. Akroor got down from the chariot to take a bath.

While taking a bath, Akroor, the devotee was surprised because the moment he would take a dip in the water, he would see Krishna. Akroor got scared and came back to see Krishna and Balram who were sitting on the chariot. He understood that God is ubiquitous and Krishna is God.

He smiled and sat on the chariot. On reaching Mathura, Akroor asked Krishna to visit his house. But Krishna told him that he will come home only after he kills Kans. Akroorji was sad to leave Krishna and go home all alone.

Krishna killed Kans and went to Akroor’s house. Akroor was very happy as the Lord himself, the one for who people spend years in penance had himself come to Akroor’s house. Krishna then sent Akroor to Hastinapur to get the news of the Pandavas.

''When Krishna built Dwarka puri, even Akroor went to Dwarka to live with him.''


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