Mayan Prophecy Retold; The World, Post 2012

BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 11,2020
Mayan Prophecy Retold; The World, Post 2012

Mayan Prophecy Retold; The World, Post 2012

After 2012, the world ended as we knew it. Based on the Mayan prophecy – the  modern day calendar year of 2012 was predicted as the end of world – this didn’t come true as we imagined. There was no flood or natural disaster that ended the life of billions of people (though that’s not far away). But it was the end of an era for humanity. It was almost as though innocence was choked to death finally after struggling in the firm stranglehold of time to break herself free.

The sophisticated machines came into being, rendering humans useless and it changed forever how modern humans would live and interact with each other. I think the ancient Mayans knew of the dawn of new era and with their own understanding of a situation in the future termed it, as the end of the world (as they foresaw it). The “black mirror” is real, its here!! Wake up and acknowledge it!!

The Karmic cycle of human beings is working much faster now. No need to wait for another life time. Its all here and now. Instant karma is a world of instant gratification. Something you did in the morning that didn’t quite agree with your conscience will come and bite you back by the evening. That’s the speed at which karma is moving now. With a result almost everyone I know is in some trouble. Depression is more common than before. Anxiety a part of daily life. Panic attacks amany. Drugs and mental disease aplenty. Meditation and Yoga which were optional at first have become mandatory to cope with life after 2012.

''The Karmic retribution of collective and individual Karmic cycles giving good or bad results faster than before has resulted in a vast variety of suffering – some suffer financial karma, some humans are able to work through their akashic records through one of the most painful of karmas that of disease (the amount of people that have cancer in a certain high society of Mumbai is alarming), and one sees many more lost human beings seeking purpose and meaning in life with glazed eyes. Not to forget collective karma of “Brexit” and “Donald Trump” that two great world powers are facing this very moment.''

The only good cheer is that there is much more awakening, consciousness and yoga. The “ascension” of human consciousness has just begun and be ready for many more miracles and events on this front. This is only the beginning. Just as the dark side becomes more widespread, the positive side pushes onto new frontiers to maintain the fine balance that our world rests upon. A small effort taken in the right direction, can yield much greater harvest as one is rewarded for doing such noble deeds in darker times.

There is great amount of research and a renewed interest in the field of consciousness. Science is finally opening itself up to these new frontiers, and quantum psychics is proving consciousness and other energy fields. I am not a technical person, more of a feeling person, so my attempt on the book by Hawkins, “A Brief History of Time” was disastrous. The arrogance of the religion called science which came through in the first few pages, made me put the book down, and I couldn’t go through with it.

So in these are strange and unpredictable times that we live in, the best is to suffer in silence. I recently read a book which I would highly recommend, “Grace and Gaia” by Stewart Wilde. One of the most extraordinary accounts of the spirit world and their functioning has been described in it, without any sugary coating in a very simple child-like language the book speaks about the seven chakras that are below the seven chakras or energy centers.

Very few texts want to touch on this taboo topic. These hellish worlds contain many a strange creature. Even on earth there are demons roaming around as human beings. I met one such demon in human form in Madrid while walking down the staircase of my airbnb home. It was an extremely dense energy, and I just wanted to run far away from there.

Disease is nothing but an entity that has infested the body, and feeding off it. Highly recommended, please buy a copy and keep yourself safe and secure. Cleanse toxic people from your life, and rather learn to have fun on your own. Or suffer your loneliness, silently. The world as per the Mayan Prophecy is no doubt a more difficult one to live in than pre 2012, but the only way we can counter this onslaught of energies and stay sane is to be happy, meditate daily, exercise daily, don’t use drugs (Marijuana is highly addictive) and surround yourself by positive people.


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