Human Judgement - a sixth chakra function

BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 11,2020
Human Judgement - a sixth chakra function

Human Judgement - a sixth chakra function

I have to say that this is a very difficult post for me to write because the subject is very close to my heart. I hear that writers are very judgemental people because they use those adjectives about people from their real life and infuse them into the characters in their stories. This gives me some solace that I might actually be a writer. I guess being judgemental comes from some sort of a human complex. Having control on one’s judgement is easier said than done. I think the attempt should be to become observational and not immediately pass judgement. More like a silent witness. After all human judgement is connected with the sixth chakra, it is very high up in the sophistication of the chakra hierarchy. 

Every era that the human race experiences brings with itself an inherent crisis of the spirit. The great technological progress we have made with “smart phones” has made us socially dysfunction, lonely and introverted. The culture of taking “selfies” has made us so self-obsessed resulting in greater human egos. We are so busy trying to capture the moment when we should wanting to capture in the eye of mind. This is spiritual crisis of our modern day age amongst many.

''At one point in time being left-handed in Europe was considered sinister, today it is looked upon as an advantage in sports or the arts. Homosexuality is becoming more acceptable than even a few years ago. The world is in a constant state of flux. The course of that flux is being determined by a higher consciousness. I don’t think that any human being is that powerful to define the course of this flux. No thought is original. All thoughts exist in the universe. That thought only presented itself to that the person who was in a mental state of the mind to receive it.''

There is an unseen hand like the one they have in economics that determines the course of human history on earth. Our ethical and moral values don’t remain constant. They are ever changing as per the societal changes brought about by this flux. The only thing that scares me is human ego when he or she starts to think of himself/herself above god. My recent attempt to read Stephen Hawking, “A brief history of time” was a disaster– I couldn’t stand his arrogance in the first 15 pages and put the book down.

Forget the bigger changes. We too as human beings are in a constant state of flux. I am not what I was even three years ago. Sometimes I think back to a situation and think how badly I handled it, and if I were in that situation now, how I would have handled it differently. Experience is a very valuable tool. That is why in many communities, villages and households of India, old people are respected and nurtured in spite of the very many irritating habits they might have. In times of need, an old and experienced man or woman might be able to have a completely different assessment or judgement of the situation.

If we are constantly changing as human beings, then theoretically speaking it is not possible to make a judgement on anyone because we have noticed a trait of that person in that particular situation when he or she was in that particular state of mind. Though I do believe that the basic nature of a human being does not change in the course of their lives but then again nothing is impossible in this magical and mystical world that we live in. There have been many exceptions in stories and fables when even god had to break the rules of the universe for his most beloved devotees. So we can rise above the basic human traits or nature that we are born with. An uphill task but not impossible.

Judgement is probably the most important tool we have with us as human beings. A wrong judgement of a life partner can ruin our lives; a correct one can put us in a stratospheric sphere we have not experienced before. Picking and choosing the right people for the right job that is really the true job of a leader. Though judgement is a double-edged sword. You can ruin good friendships, scare away your best lovers or ruin your business with bad judgement. Only a true artist can play this tightrope-balancing act without falling down in the pit filled with venomous snakes.

'' we love to dissect and interpret and read under the lines or notice the slightest change in body language. Who listens to words anyway? Such poor substitutes for our deep and intense feelings. They leave our mouths without having any connection with our inner feelings. These disconnected vibrations of our voice box that we use so freely without giving much thought or then after giving way too much of thought. How we use and manipulative these labels to our advantage!! Twist and turn them till they themselves feel nauseated!''

While we use our judgement at work or in the personal life – we must always give the benefit of the doubt to the other person, as inherently no one is a bad human being. It is only their circumstances that have made them the way they are. If we were in their place we could have behaved much worse. I may behave very differently with one person and completely different with another. Don’t pay much heed to gossip. Just listen don’t make judgement yet. Make the judgement only when you have yourself experienced it, never base it on hear-say. Everyone is talking in limited subjective intelligence. Use your own unlimited divine intelligence and intuition.

I do believe in universal justice. There is many a times no connection between spirituality and the amount of money you have, in fact many a times they are inversely proportional. Truly spiritual people have to suffer the most, to work out their Karmas. There is many a times no connection between spirituality and fame. No connection between how nice we are as a human being and how successful we are.

No connection between how much money we have and how content we are, many a times the richest are most discontent, that discontentment drove them in the first place to make such a pile of money. I have met many very rich people who are unhappy and wretched souls. The only connection which is there for sure is between spirituality and art. Both of them are deeply intertwined but that is for another post. We try to make these connections in our minds. Always trying to find a pattern. Find a story.

''Make sense of this crazy world that we live in but the fact is that there are no answers, only questions, till we end our journey and unite with the source. Then we just are. We exist without the mind. In Bliss. No thought. Only.''


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