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- Vedic Astrologer Shiv Sagar Chopra

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Shiv Sagar Chopra, is the grandson of the late Dr. Ramanand Sagar. He is the director of Sagar World Multimedia. Shiv grew up reading the puranas, vedas and the epic texts of Ramayan and Mahabharata. He spent a lot of time with his grand-father discussing spiritualism, mysticism, occult and esoteric topics since "Papaji" also had a keen interest in all these things. He went on to make the Ramayan series in 1987 which shook the country, and created a wave of spirituality all over the world.

Shiv studied vedic astrology (different systems) under the guidance of his guru, Prahlad Sharma (Prahlad Sharma has been doing research and analysis pertaining to Vedic Astrology and has developed his own method of #nakshatra based analysis. Since 1990 he has read more than a million charts). Shiv has studied the subject for over 20 years and is well versed in all the various facets of Jyotish. Along with Prahlad ji, his guru, Shiv has read over a 1,000 charts and understood the practical aspects to reading a chart, since this is a technical education based on logic and ancient texts. The intuition part is the gift that every astrologer can hope to be given by the almighty.

Since this is a life-long study due to the vastness of the subject, no one can claim perfection in it. All we can do is to pray to Lord Ganesha (And Saraswati Mata) to give the right guidance for the correct wisdom and words to flow out from our tongue, and to help the person like a coach of a psychiatrist would to motivate the troubled seeker. In the West, people go to a psychiatrist, In the East people go to an astrologer. This is the primary difference in the two approaches.

Shiv is a producer in the Bollywood industry and has successfully produced many films and television shows. He also runs an organic farm stay (resort) at Karjat outside of Mumbai consisting of a farm-to-table restaurant, farm products and a plant nursery.

"Print outs of all charts in pdf or hard copy including D10 charts, Planetary Yogas, Bhav Chalita, Shada Bala etc. using original Parashara Lite software"

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Wonderful Experience
Pratik Solanki on December 26 2020
The way you explained and the clarity you gave has surely helped me gain a lot of confidence and positive attitude towards life. Having such a wonderful astrologer like you, we are surely very fortunate to be with one. I would recommend Shiv Sagar Ji for sure to everyone seeking for astrological advice. Thank You once again. Will always stay in touch with you.