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- Bach Flower Remedies - Practitioner and Trainer

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Rs. 2400 for a consult (45 minutes + first set of remedies)

Shruti, after having been a part of the corporate world for 25-odd years, quit following her passion for healing people. Her journey in the healing space began in 2017, when she discovered and used Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) to heal herself. The healing modality worked wonders, heightening her interest in this space and leading her to delve deeper.

The BFR philosophy, she discovered, believes that every ailment is triggered by an emotional imbalance that then manifests in a physical disease. Hence, while the allopathic modality works to cure the physical symptoms, BFR addresses the emotional aspect, thereby offering patients a holistic healing experience. Net-net, BFR complements a patient's existing line of treatment, resulting in an increasing number of doctors being open and willing to allow patients to subscribe to this modality.

The Bach Flower philosophy fitted perfectly with her desire to help people heal. Her mantra is Acceptance, coupled with Forgiveness and Gratitude, clears the path for all to Heal, in body and mind, and Bach Flower Remedies blend in beautifully, given their non-intrusive nature and their ability to work with other facilitators in the healing process.

As she continues to learn and practice Bach Flower Remedies, a quote by the mystic Rumi resonates deeply with her. Rumi said: Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. And nothing could be truer than that quote, for channeling one's passion and intelligence to benefit and heal mankind is what all the holy books have always wanted us to do.

The in-person reading can take 2-3 hours.

Email us info@sagarworld.com, the Full name, Date of Birth, time of birth and Place of birth.

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Best Experience!
Yash Chauhan on August 20 2020
A very positive person. She has helped me a lot in the course of my hard time. She’s been doing a miraculous job and spreading positivity around.