Sagar Vandan November 2018

BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 11,2020
Sagar Vandan November 2018

Phew! Have we been busy!! Setting up a new television show is not less than organizing an Indian wedding. The coordination between such varied departments of costumes, sets, scripting, casting, music and sound etc. is a super human effort, requiring a lot patience and skills in people management but the feeling when it all comes together as one cinematic experience, one feels that all the hardships are worth it.

We have been involved in the remake of one of our previous shows, “Mahima Shani Dev Ki” which was telecast on NDTV Imagine channel from 2008-2012. Daya Shankar Pandey who played Shani brought about a revolution in the concept of the god “Shani” in India, who is considered to be a malefic planet bringing ill-luck and ill-fortune. There was always a villain or negative casting done in all movies or TV shows previously made on Shani.

For the first time there was a positive casting done for the feared God. The scripting in the TV show showed Shani as the planet of justice who only rewards or punishes an entity for their own Karmas, how then can Shani be blamed when we suffer for our own bad Karmas? The show is being shot at the Sagar Film City in Vadodara in the state of Gujarat.

See the video below of reviving the grand old studios, where so many iconic shows of Indian television have been shot including Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Chandragupt Maurya.

We celebrated Vikram Samavat 2075 this year. So we are 57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar which is calculated from the cruxification of Jesus Christ. In the year 57 B.C., the emperor of the civilized world, Vikram Aditya had won a massive victory near present day Afghanistan from the invading Hun and other Barbarian tribes, sending them back in the abyss of the uncivilized world. From then started a golden period for Vikram, who ruled from current day Ujjain. The world meridian was calculated from Ujjain, i.e. 0 GMT. There was advanced scientific sun-clocks and other astronomical contraptions that measured time with great accuracy.

In the meanwhile, there were a subdued Diwali celebration in India. I personally feel that a ban on crackers and noise pollution is a good thing. We cannot compare this to Eid or Christmas or festivals of other religions, and say that the majority is being targeted again. Diwali can also be celebrated with a lot of pomp and style without the noise, that torments the animals so much. And the firecrackers at New Years can hardly be compared to the innumerable crackers and bombs that are lit during Diwali, causing huge air pollution, in an already dying planet.

Here is a round up of Diwali and the significance of each day –


Dhanteras also known as Dhanatrayodashi marks the first day of Diwali.It is considered the most auspicious day to buy things signifying wealth like gold, silver, utensils, automobiles, etc. Dhanteras is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar month of Karthik. On the day of Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi came out from the ocean of milk (Ksheer sagar) during the churning of the Cosmic Sea.

(Sagar Manthan) Along with that, Dhanvantari (the physician of the Gods and an incarnation of Vishnu) emerged carrying a jar of the elixir on the day of Dhanteras and therefore this day is also celebrated as Dhanvantari Jayanti (birthday of God Dhanvantari). Dhanvantari is considered to be the father of Ayurveda, the science of health and so in that respect National Ayurveda Day is celebrated every year on the day of Dhanteras.

Narak Chaturdashi

Narak Chaturdashi (also known as Choti Diwali) is the day when Shri Krishna killed demon Narkasur, who was known to have captured sixteen thousand princesses and caused great destruction in the world . Before his death, Narakasur asked Shri Krishna for a boon and so Shri Krishna said that anyone who bathes before sunrise on this day will be saved from horrors of hell. Hence the tradition of bathing before sunrise on this day is practised. The ritual of lighting lamps (diyas) in evening during Diwali is also considered to be a prayer to Lord Yamraj, the god of death and called as “Yamadipadan”. It is done to escape from untimely death.

Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Puja is a Hindu religious festival that falls on Amavasya (new moon day) of Krishna Paksha (Dark fortnight) in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar month of Ashwin and is considered as the main festive day of Diwali. It is believed to be the most auspicious day; this is when Lakshmi Puja, or the worship of the goddess of wealth is performed.

Here are four things to do today :

1. Set new Goals : The word “Lakshmi” in Sanskrit stems from the root word “Lakshya” meaning aim or goal. A new moon day is symbolic of the beginning of something new. Since Lakshmi Puja and New Moon day are together, focussing thoughts and energy on setting new goals and starting on the journey to achieve them is an auspicious thing to do.

2. Worship and perform Lakshmi Puja : It is believed that goddess Lakshmi roams on earth today and the way to worship her is maintaining cleanliness in our homes and surroundings, lighting of lamps to dispel darkness, wearing clean clothes and performing ritualistic puja. Bania community and merchants also observe beginning of new accounting year today and do purchase and worship of new accounting books along with ritualistic Lakshmi Puja.

3. Pray to Alakshmi : Goddess Alakshmi is the sister of goddess Lakshmi and follows her everywhere. She is the opposite or negative image of Lakshmi and symbolises the negativity which follows wealth such as egotism, pride, greed and corruption, jealousy, mistrust, etc. all of which result in one’s downfall. The way we can pray to her is acknowledge her and feel gratitude for the riches in life. We can also keep goddess Alakshmi at bay like God Vishnu, who had tackled Goddess Alakshmi with help of Goddess Saraswati who imparts right knowledge and sound judgement to keep him steadfast on the path of dharma or righteousness.

4. Trade : Muhurat trading, which is conducted on the auspicious occasion of Diwali on BSE and NSE, Is held between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm. It is believed that muhurat trading brings wealth and prosperity throughout the year.

Govardhan Puja

The fourth day of Diwali is known as Govardhan Puja, (also known as Annakoot, Bali Pratipada, Badi Padwa) is celebrated to mark Lord Krishna defeating Indra, the lord of rain and thunder by lifting Govardhan hill to save the people of Gokul from continuous floods and rain.This day signifies Lord Krishna’s message of worshipping Mother Nature instead of demi gods and other beings as Mother Nature is the primary source which provides us with all essentials of life.

Let us follow Shri Krishna’s message of worshipping nature as all life depends on it rather than polluting it. This day is also celebrated as New Year by Gujarati community in India. The Govardhan Mountain situated in Braj near Mathura, one of the sacred Hindu sites, is believed to be reducing in height by size of a mustard seed every year following an ancient curse of Rishi Pulastya, the son of Brahma.

Bhai Duj

The fifth day of Diwali, known as Bhai Duj (Bhai Tika, Bhai Phota) is the celebration of the relationship of brother and sister. Legend has it that on this day, Lord Yamraj (God of Death) visited his sister Yami (Yamuna River) for lunch and as a gift to her said that every brother who will visit their sister or remeber them this day, treating them with gifts will have a long life!

It is an auspicious day to pray for our sibling’s long life and celebrate the relation of brother and sister by treating each other well with lunch, gifts and care. It is also known that after killing demon Narakasur, Shri Krishna visited his sister Subhadra and she welcomed him with aarti and tilak. Hence the tradition of sisters doing aarti of their brothers and applying tilak on forehead has been in practice. Therefore, the day is known as Bhai Tika.


Our planet continues to be under immense pressure, as the Karmic cycles are much faster in their retribution. There is death in every family. Young people die from heart attacks, a never seen before phenomenon. As the current world order, and a society driven towards greed due to its capitalistic structure, begin to self-destruct due to natural cause and effect laws of Mother Nature – We begin to feel anxiety and pressure like never before. Therefore it has become imperative to follow more of vegetarian diet and meditate every day. Just like we bath our bodies daily, meditation clears the clutter from the mind, and enables us to think with more clarity.

The two major transit of slower moving planets that have taken place recently, were the shift of Saturn into Sagittarius on Oct. 26, 2017 and the recent movement of Jupiter to Scorpio on 11th Oct 2018. This is a welcome relief as Saturn in enemy Mars’ sign of Scorpio stirred up a lot of intense conflict and suffering for the world. On the other hand, Saturn and Jupiter (the lord of Sagittarius) are more neutral to each other. Whew, that may mean less stress ahead with this new transit, especially after late November once Saturn gets past the tumultuous beginning part (first navamsa / 3 degrees and 20 minutes) of Sagittarius.

On a brighter note, Saturn in Sagittarius is usually pretty good for commerce and the economy, and is especially strong for major banking developments (Saturn relates to business and development, and the lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter, symbolizes banks and banking). Many major banking developments occurred during this transit in times past.

Saturn in Sagittarius serves to test and strengthen our spiritual faith, the capacity to let go and trust in a higher plan. In its more enlightened manifestation, this placement is seen in the birth charts of charismatic leaders, teachers, and preachers who are passionate in their desire to bring higher teachings (Jupiter/Sagittarius) down to earth (Saturn). Saturn in Sagittarius can be quite generous, wise, and humanistic, with a strong desire to liberate others (Sagittarius) from various kinds of oppression (Saturn). Desmond Tutu; Ram Dass; Bhagavan Shree Rajneesh (Osho); Martin Luther King; and Gary Snyder were all born with Saturn in Sagittarius.

Jupiter on the other hand enters Scorpio. Jupiter becomes eight in the natural horoscope, though ruled by his friendly sign Mars. The might King Ravana had abducted Sita, Ram’s wife when his jupiter was in the eight house from Natal Moon. Hence the #metoo movement seems to have begun in India at the right astrological time. This combination will result in an expansion of esoteric and occult which is signified by the eight house with a double whammy because of Saturn in Sagittarius. 

This retrograde happens in the spiritual sign of Scorpio. Mercury will begin it’s retrograde in the Nakshatra of Jyeshta and travel back to Anuradha and Vishakha Nakshatra. This is a unique transit as Mercury will retrograde in all the 3 Nakshatras of Scorpio.
The best part of this retrograde is that Mercury will have the company of a strong Jupiter and strong Sun. Jupiter and Sun love being in Scorpio as the ruler of Scorpio Mars is friendly to both Jupiter and Sun.


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