Lord Sheshanag - Hindu God Art by Pieter Weltevrede

Sheshanaag is the king of all snakes. He existed since the time of creation of Universe. It is believed that Sheshanag supports the entire universe on his multi-hoods and sings glory of Hindu God Vishnu from all his mouths.

He is also known as Adishesha - the first Shesha - and Ananta Shesha - endless Shesha. It is believed that when Shesa uncoils, creation begins and when he coils back, the universe ceases to exist. Shesha is a servant of Vishnu and has incarnated along with Vishnu as Lakshman - younger brother of Ram, and Balaram - elder brother of Krishna.

He is depicted as six-headed and six-armed god, with lower body of snake and holding chakra (disk like weapon), rosary, vedas, and Gada (mace).

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  • 100% Premium Cotton Canvas and High Quality Coated Matt Paper.
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