Navagraha - Shani (Saturn Planet)- The divine personification of the Planet Saturn by Pieter Weltevrede available on founded by Ramanand Sagar

Shani is the divine personification of planet Saturn.In Hindu mythology, Shani is a Deva (demi-god) who is the son of Sun god Surya.He punishes the wrong doers and delivers justice to the righteous.In the ancient Hindu texts, Shani is mentioned as a wrathful deity and bringer of bad luck.In some Indian texts, Peepal tree is believed to be the abode of Shani.He is a part of Hindu system of celestial bodies - Navagraha.He is mentioned as a planet in Hindu astronomical texts like Aryabhatiya and Surya Siddhanta.He is depicted as four-armed, holding mace, sword, and trishul (trident), mounted on a vulture.A strong position of Shani in horoscope destroys ego and brings fame in life.

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  • 100% Premium Cotton Canvas and High Quality Coated Matt Paper
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Navagraha - Shani (Planet Saturn)- The divine personification of the Planet Saturn by Pieter Weltevrede

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