Kumbh Mela 2019 - Desk Calendar by Avneesh Kumar

Avneesh Kumar is a photographer who conveys deep meaning without words. Like a painter paints on his canvas,  Avneesh Kumar’s photography creates everlasting memories through his lens. Telling a story in just an image. His passion to capture profound moments and capturing heart rending images ranging from documentary to creative people photography. He brings creativity in his photos, which are a beautiful treat for one’s eyes that conveys so much without a single word.

The Kumbh calendar is one such breathtakingly beautiful piece of work. His captures speak so boldly yet there is no noise just calmness in the chaos. This calendar is a compilation of the Kumbh’s held in Nashik, Haridwar, Ujjain and Allahabad. It is a snippet of the real experience, which transports you to another dimension. Each image is and ethereal experience by itself to take you on a spiritual journey.

He captures the expression and the emotion of the moment so artistically that you are transported to another plain. The Kumbh calendar is one such experience. It is almost as if you could imagine the thoughts of his subjects, the expressions conveying a thousand conundrums and a million answers.

This calendar is and experience, being a part of ones everyday life, it brings spirituality


  • 220 GSM Paper
  • Dimension : Length : 9 inches , Width : 9.8 inches
  • Year 2019 Calendar with Photographs from Kumbh Mela

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