Buy Shri Krishna - 6 MDVD - Set-1 (Ep 1-76)  (Hindi ) Online
Shri Krishna is a television adaptation of the life story Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu. The TV series is based on the stories of Lord Krishna mentioned in sacred scriptures of Hindu mythology. It is created by Ramanand Sagar and the series aired on channel Doordarshan in 1990s. It stars some famous television actors like Sarvadaman D. Banerjee, Swapnil Joshi, Vilas Raj, etc. Available in a set of 6 MDVDs (Low cost DVD Format with lower picture resolution) Set-1 (Ep 1-76) in Hindi Language and Dolby audio format. Subtitles available in English.

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Buy Shri Krishna - 6 MDVD - Set-1 (Ep 1-76) (Hindi ) Online

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