Buy Betal Pachisi -2 MDVD (Hindi) Online
Betaal Pachisi is a television adaptation of the stories of legendary King Vikramaditya and Betaal, a spirit inhabiting a corpse. It is based on Vetala Panchavimshati or Betaal Pachisi, a collection of tales written by great poet, Somdeva Bhatt in 11th century. It is created by Prem Sagar son of late Dr. Ramanand Sagar and the series aired on channel Doordarshan in 1980s. It stars some famous television actors like Arun Govil and Sajjan. Available in a set of 2 MDVDs (Low cost DVD Format with Lower picture resolution) in Hindi Language and Stereo audio format.

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Buy Betal Pachisi -2 MDVD (Hindi) Online

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