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How to achieve perfect vision naturally through proven eye-training methods 
   In the West, problems with eyesight are treated separately from overall health, usually with prescription glasses or contact lenses. But Eastern systems of holistic healing view the eyes as mirrors of physical health. Eye problems reflect problems with the internal organs, most specifically the liver and kidneys. The Art of Cosmic Vision offers Taoist healing sound exercises for strengthening the liver and kidneys as well as seven internal Chi Kung exercises and Dao-Yin self-massage practices for toning the organ meridians. It also provides extensive dietary recommendations, including a complete Ayurvedic analysis of the three main nutritional body types. 
   Rather than viewing the ciliary muscle within the eye as the only muscle responsible for focus, these exercises improve focus by training all of the muscles surrounding the eyes. With attention to improved diet, physical exercise, and these proven eye-training techniques, readers can restore their vision to vibrant health.

 Practice will bring improvement. Stick with it! Persistence is the key to success in vision improvement.

• Explains how vision problems are related to imbalances in the internal organs 
• Provides Taoist and Ayurvedic practices for harmonizing the liver and kidneys, the organs directly associated with eye problems 

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Buy The Art of Cosmic Vison by Mantak Chia and Robert T. Lewanski Online

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