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Identifies the patterns of our planet’s design within the natural landscape 

• Explains the geometry inherent in the mountains and coasts on all continents 
• Reveals how ancient monuments were built to reflect and enhance the Earth’s design, often connecting sites around the world 
• Includes detailed maps that show the simple geometrical relationships among the world’s mountains, coastlines, islands, and ancient monuments 

   From continent to continent across the globe, Mark Vidler and Catherine Young reveal that order is everywhere on Earth. On remote islands, soaring summits, and level deltas, they unveil natural topographic patterns related to pi, the golden ratio, and right-triangle geometry. And as the planet’s design emerges, it becomes clear that this hidden order in nature decided the location of ancient monuments the world over. 
   As they uncover geometric patterns on the Earth line by line, point by point, the authors reveal how the world’s ancient monuments represent a form of transglobal communication that far predates the written word.

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Buy Sacred Geometry Of The Earth by Mark Vidler and Catherine Young Online

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