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Tells the adventures of the magical monkey Hanuman, beloved in India as the devoted helper of Ram, hero of the Hindu epic tale the Ramayana 

• Introduces Western children to one of the most playful and beloved characters of Hindu mythology 
• Illustrated throughout with full-color paintings in the traditional Indian style 

   Son of the monkey princess Anjana and the wind god Pavan, Hanuman is born on Earth to be a helper for Ram, the hero of the Hindu epic the Ramayana. Hanuman is no ordinary monkey. He has the ability to leap higher than the sun and move faster than the wind. When the demon king Ravana kidnaps Ram’s wife, Sita, and carries her off to his island home, the army that goes to rescue her is left discouraged on the beach--stopped by the wide expanse of water between them and the island of Lanka. But magical Hanuman is able to jump over the ocean in one amazing bound. He finds the captive Sita and helps her to take heart and remain strong and confident that Ram will find a way to save her. 

   The Hindu people believe that long, long ago the ancient land of India was the playing field of gods and demons, sages and kings, animals and birds, who performed miraculous feats in a never ending contest between the forces of good and the forces of evil. The rule of eternal law--Sanatan Dharma--was established over and over again each time the forces of good gained the upper hand. 
   In modern India, Monkeys are considered sacred beings. Hindus believe that whenever the Ramayana is recited, Hanuman will come to hear Ram's name spoken aloud. They pray to Hanuman when they feel weak or fearful, believing that he will come in invisible form to help them solve their problems, just as once he helped Ram. 

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Buy Hanuman's Journey To The Medicine Mountain by Vatsala Sperling Online

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