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A practical guide to unlocking the powers of our DNA to manifest health, wealth, and happiness 
   Taking the law of attraction to an entirely new level, Pierre Franckh reveals how human DNA has a direct effect on the physical world around us--an effect we can consciously focus to manifest our desires. 
   The author shares success stories from the thousands who have taken his seminars and were then able to attract a soul mate, heal themselves or loved ones, or build wealth, sometimes remarkably quickly. He also describes how he discovered the law of resonance through his own self-healing from a degenerative spinal condition. 
   Franckh provides practical exercises to remove inner and outer negative influences that could be blocking your desires, build a positive visualization of your goals, and increase the power of your field of resonance for quicker manifestation. In this inspiring guide to the law of resonance, the author shows how the power to manifest health, wealth, and happiness is within each of us, waiting to be unlocked within our DNA.

• Shows how our DNA communicates with those around us and attracts resonant energy--whether positive or negative--to us 
• Reveals groundbreaking scientific research on the influence of DNA on photons as well as the interactions between DNA and emotions 
• Provides practical exercises to remove negative influences, build positive visualizations of your desires, and accelerate the manifestation of your wishes 

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Buy DNA Field And The Law Of Resonance by Pierre Franckh Online

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