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A children’s story featuring Arjuna, a compassionate warrior who must choose between abstaining from battle or fulfilling his destiny to end the war 
  We are all born for a purpose, though sometimes it is not clear to us what it is. In this tale of good versus evil, cousin versus cousin, Prince Arjuna knew that his purpose, his dharma, was to fight in the battle against the greedy and cruel king Duryodhana. Yet his own relatives and friends were on the opposing side. With a lot of soul searching and divine advice from the god Krishna, Arjuna bravely chooses to fulfill his destiny as a warrior with compassion and kindness, restoring peace, justice, and prosperity to his kingdom. 
  This adaptation for children of the classic epic the Mahabharata is beautifully illustrated with paintings created in a centuries-old method traditional to India. Richly detailed, the paintings bring to life the colorful cast of characters as well as Arjuna’s inner conflict and the trials he faces on the path of loyalty, justice, and peace.

• Based on the Mahabharata, the famous Indian epic, adapted for Western children 
• Illustrated throughout with glowing full-color paintings in traditional Indian style 

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Buy Arjuna : The Gentle Warrior by Vatsala Sperling Online

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