BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 11,2020

Other names: Andhakaasur, Aandhakasura Vadha, Andhakasura 

In the ancient stories, the Demon king Andhakasura has been referred to as the enemy of the Devtas. He used to harass Saints and Sages, and they were fed up with his atrocities. In This Story Andhakasura was an archenemy of the Devtas, and wanted to destroy the grandeur of heaven and to kidnap Ganga, the beauty of heaven, for himself. For this purpose, he sent his chief associates and demons Pralayasur and Jwalasur after her, but they did not succeed in their mission. 

''In Andhakasura Story, With the guidance of Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, he went to conduct harsh penance to please Lord Shiva, and thus acquire a boon to conquer the whole world. Worried by the determination of Andhakasura, Lord Indra sent the heavenly nymph Rambha to disrupt his penance, but she failed to do so. ''


 Then on Devi Ganga's suggestion, Lord Indra also observed penance, to gain Yagya Shakti for himself. This penance was observed under the guidance of Brihaspati, Guru of the Devtas. Demon guru Shukracharya tried to interfere, but Devi Ganga did not let his intention succeed.  Then Andhakasur attacked heaven with his illusionary powers, and a fierce battle was fought between the devtas and demons. The devtas were defeated in this war and had to run away.

Andhakasur took over heaven and again tried to kidnap Devi Ganga but did not succeed. After being defeated by Andhakasur, Lord Indra, on Naradji's suggestion, went to Devi Ganga. Tired of Andhakasur's atrocities and his ego, Devi Uma herself wanted to kill him but Devi Ganga stopped her from doing so. Andhakasura still kept trying to kidnap Devi Ganga. In the end he himself went to Devi Ganga and Devi Uma and challenged them to a war.

''A battle was fought between Ganga and Andhakasur. All the mayavi powers of Andhakasur failed. He realized the power of Devi Ganga, admitted his error, and started worshipping Devi Ganga. Pleased with Andhakasur, Ganga appeared in her divine form in front of him. Andhakasur then returned to Patal lok (the underworld).''

The demon guru Shukracharya, and the other demons snatched away his crown and threw him out of Patal lok, and then crowned Hiranyakashyap the king of the demons. During the last days of his life.

 "Andhakasur wanted to observe a penance to bring Ganga down to Patal lok,  to sanctify  it. Demon guru Shukracharya again wanted to disrupt this attempt of Andhakasur. "

But pleased with his penance, Devi Ganga fulfilled his wish, and with the preachings of Ganga, even Shukracharya attained wisdom. By the efforts of Andhakasura, the welfare of Asurlok was ensured.

Andhakasur has been characterized in the Puranas as the one who abandoned demonic desires and behaviors and towards the end of his life became a devotee of Devi Ganga.



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