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China's Cosmological Prehistory by Laird Scranton

An examination of the earliest creation traditions and symbols of China and their similarities to those of other ancient cultures   Building on his extensive research into the sacred symbols..


Forgotten Civilization by Robert M. Schoch

Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidence means for our future • Demonstrates, based on the 1..


India : A Civilization Of Difference by Alain Danielou

A collection of Daniélou's writings that builds a bold and cogent defense of India's caste system• Looks at the Hindu caste system not as racist inequality but as a natural ordering of diversity• Reve..


Lost Knowledge Of The Ancients by Graham Hancock

Thinkers at the forefront in alternative theories on history, the origins of civilization, technology, and consciousness • With contributions by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Mark Booth, Richard..


Mysteries Of The Ancient Past by Graham Hancock

Cutting-edge thinkers on the origins of civilization, the Giza pyramids, pre-Columbian and early America, and the power of human consciousness • With contributions by David Frawley, Geoff Stray, ..


Point Of Origin by Laird Scranton

Reveals Gobekli Tepe as a center of civilizing knowledge for the ancient world• Details how symbolic elements at Gobekli Tepe link a pre-Vedic cult in India to cosmological myths and traditions in Afr..


Sacred Geometry Of The Earth by Mark Vidler and Catherine Young

Identifies the patterns of our planet’s design within the natural landscape • Explains the geometry inherent in the mountains and coasts on all continents • Reveals how ancient monuments wer..


The Brief History of India by Alain Daniélou

Daniélou's powerful rebuttal to the conventional view of India's history, which calls for a massive reevaluation of the history of humanity• Explores historical occurrences from each major time period..


The Suppressed History Of American Banking by Xaviant Haze

Reveals how the Rothschild Banking Dynasty fomented war and assassination attempts on 4 presidents in order to create the Federal Reserve Bank• Explains how the Rothschild family began the War of 1812..


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