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The Yoga of Snakes and Arrows- The Leela of Self-Knowledge by Harish Johari

Play  a 5,000 year-old ancient game, the original snakes and ladders, And find out where you are stuck in your spiritual path. Re-introduced to India by the 13th Century ..


7 Reasons To Believe in the Afterlife by Jean Jacques Charbonier

   An uplifting study of the scientific evidence for the afterlife from an experienced anesthesiologist/intensive care physician.Over the course of his 25-year career as an anesthesiologist ..


8 Laws of Change by Stephen A Schwartz

Inspired by his own powerful experiences during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's and other social movements in the 70's ,80's, and 90's, Stephan Schwartz spent 16 years researching successful s..


A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife by Mark Mirabello

A grand survey of the world’s death and afterlife traditions throughout history.   Drawing on death and afterlife traditions from cultures around the world, Mark Mirabello explores the many ..


A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance by Roxanne Kamayani Gupta

   Yoga and classical dance traditions of India have been inextricably entwined for millennia. The exacting hand gestures, postures and movements of Indian classical dance can only be achiev..


Acupressure Atlas by Bernard C. Kolster and Astrid Waskowiak

A fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to acupressure     Trouble sleeping, sensitive stomach, headaches, joint problems, allergies: Sensory ailments such as these have b..


Acupressure Taping by Hans-Ulrich Hecker and Kay Liebchen

Combines acupressure and massage to treat pain using elastic tape   In Acupressure Taping, authors Hecker and Liebchen present a comprehensive guide to a new method of pain treatment--a..


Acupressure Techniques by Julian Kenyon

Acupressure Techniques distills the learning of thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine into simple exercises that can be used to alleviate physical ailments of all kinds. Practical and ful..


ADHD and the Edison Gene by Thom Hartmann

Explores how the ADHD gene is and has been critical to humanity’s development    In ADHD and the Edison Gene, Thom Hartmann shows that the creativity, impulsiveness, risk taking, d..


Adult ADHD by Thom Hartmann

How to harness your ADHD “hunter” strengths to start your own business and prosper in the workplace   In this step-by-step guide, Thom Hartmann explains the positive side of Hunter behavior...


Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt

A chemist and aromatherapy practitioner provides scientific proof for the effectiveness of using essential oils. Aromatherapy is the fastest-growing segment of the body care industry, an effectiv..


Advanced Autogenic Training and Primal Awareness by James Endredy

A step-by-step guide to optimize health, reconnect with Nature, and access the vast knowledge of the universe through autogenic training    Developed by German doctor Johannes Schultz i..


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