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Prahlad Sharma has been doing research and analysis pertaining to astrology in aspects of Nakshatra “vigyan” and Vedic astrology since 1990.
Astrology is his greatest passion and he has had stimulating sessions with learned and renowned Astrologers. He has worked  with as well, where he was involved in developing “Parashar light” a very famous jyotish software in use around the world.
He has essentially been doing research based on it in the areas of political predictions, compatibility, profession related predictions are his forte.
Prahlad best be described an artist that is able to play with the birth chart and other minute details to make the most shocking revelations about oneself. His method which he developed over the years is one based on Nakshatras, which is nothing but a further division of the zodiac but giving extremely accurate and pin-pointed results, which are needed today.
The best of non-believers can be stunned by Prahalji wisdom. He is no sense a traditional Indian astrologer, who work with black and white shades, his approach is more spiritual and always positive. It is a duty of an astrologer to sometimes not reveal everything to the client, it depends on him whether he is allowed to reveal that information. He advises many politicians, beaucrats, actors, producers etc. including Salman Khan, Arbaz Khan..

Rs. 2,800/-(Inclusive of 12% GST) Detailed report emailed or voice recording.
Rs 5,600/-(Inclusive of 12% GST) - In-person reading in Mumbai.

The in-person reading can take 2-3 hours.
Email us, the Full name, Date of Birth, time of birth and Place of birth.

“I am happy with the services and the deal I got from the Sagar World. The service team helped me to get deep understanding with Astrology reader who can reveal about myself and advice for my betterment, Sagar World and the service team helped me to get exactly what I was looking for.” 

- Mrs. Riddhi Patel 

“It was a great session for around 3 hours. Sharing knowledge about Astrology and all how planets works in our life. He listens with patience and resolves your problems passionately. Importantly the remedies suggested are very simple and effective. Thank You Sagar World and Team for your services.

-Mr. Sahil Bhagat 

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