Hanuman Chalisa - Udit Narayan
Hanuman Chalisa is an integral part of the daily lifestyle of any devotee of Lord Hanuman. The Hanuman Chalisa is the most popular hymn devoted to Lord Hanuman. It is authored by the famous India poet, Goswami Tulsidas. He was one of the most influential poets of Bhakti Kaal( 1300-1700 AD) and was contemporary to the renowned poet, Shakespear. He had also authored Ramcharitmanas- the Ramayan for masses. Hanuman Chalisa is written in Awadhi language. Chalisa is derived from the word Chalis which means forty. So Hanuman Chalisa is essentially a poem of 40 lines. The album features the voice of popular Indian singer Udit Narayan. Available in audio CD format.

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