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Navratri Story

BY Mr Shiv Sagar June 12,2020
Navratri Story

Navratri History, Why Is Navratri Celebrated

Navratri Story- Navratri; celebration of the feminine that is inherent in the cosmos, since inception. The universe founds its origins, springing from the ikshashakti of the parambrahmm, The One. The One initiates the process of creation with the help of both: masculine and feminine energy, in equal proportion.

And the festival of Navratri is the evocation of the feminine to cite its significance that is no less than the masculine; to honor the feminine energy of the universe which manifest itself in various forms like Kali (Bhagwati of valor), Lakshmi (Bhagwati of prosperity) and Saraswati (Bhagwati of knowledge).

The festival of Navratri which specifically means Nine nights (Nav = Nine, Ratri = Nights), occurs four times in a year, Sharad/ Ashwin (September-October); Vasant/ Chaitra (March-April); Magh(January-February); Ashadha(June-July). While the former two are more famous and celebrated nationwide in festivity with customs and traditions depending on the region; the latter two are rather incognito also known as gupt navratra worshipped by the followers of Shaktism in a discrete form or manner.

''People from various sections of the society irrespective of caste and creed celebrate the festival. Coincidentally, the navratras also signify change in weather.''