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An exploration of dreaming history, science, traditions, and practices from prehistory to today

• Examines ancient dream traditions from around the world, shamanic dreaming, and the profound role of dreaming in Native American and African-American cultures
• Investigates dream psychology and the neuroscience of the dreaming brain
• Explores the practice of dream incubation, lucid dreaming, and telepathic dreaming with tips on remembering your dreams and working with them

     We have been dreaming for all of our 3 million or more years of existence. Dreams provide an extraordinary way to process the day’s events and uncover new perspectives. Many cultural creatives credit their world-changing creations to their dreams, and science now believes that dreams helped evolve the very process of thought itself.
    Drawing on their more than 50 years’ experience keeping dream journals, the authors offer techniques to help you remember your dreams and begin to work with them. They also explore the clairvoyant and telepathic dimensions of dreaming and the practices of lucid dreaming and shamanic dreaming. Revealing how the alchemical cauldron of dreaming can bring inspiration, healing, and discovery, the authors show how dreams unite us with each other and the past and future dreamers of our world.

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Buy The Transformational Of The Hand by Stephen Larsen and Tom Verner Online

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