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An illustrated version of the classic Hindu epic the Ramayana

• Presents the famous Hindu epic retold for Western children ages 6 to 9
• Fully illustrated with full-color paintings in traditional Indian style

   Long ago, the story goes, the entire earth was overrun with demons. The ten-headed demon king Ravana had prayed to his grandfather, Lord Brahma, asking that he be granted immortality. And Brahma had granted his wish . . . almost. No god, demon, plant, or animal could harm Ravana, which allowed him to cause considerable damage as he and his demon army ransacked the earth. But Ravana was so scornful of humans he hadn’t bothered to ask for protection from them. This omission would prove to be his downfall.
   With cries for help rising from every corner of the earth, the heavenly gods, Lords Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, decided that something had to be done to rid the world of the rampaging demons and restore peace and order. They decided that Vishnu should be incarnated upon the earth in the form of the virtuous prince Ram. As a human prince, albeit one who had help from the gods, he would be able to defeat the demon king.

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Buy Ram The Demon Slayer by Vatsala Sperling Online

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