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Advanced Chi Nei Tsang by Mantak Chia

Advanced Taoist techniques for detoxifying and rejuvenating the internal organs through the release of negative chi From the Taoist point of view, good health depends upon the free flow of chi--h..


Animal Messengers by Regula Meyer

An animal-by-animal guide that reveals the meaning behind each encounter we have with animals   We each feel connections to animals in our own way. Some of us have pets. Others admire animal..


Basic Practices Of The Universal by Mantak Chia and William U. Wei

A comprehensive reference guide to the foundational Taoist practices taught by Master Mantak Chia   Organized progressively by level and system for quick reference during practice or teachin..


Bone Marrow Nei Kung by Mantak Chia

A guide to nourishing the body through bone marrow rejuvenation exercises    Most Westerners believe that a daily physical exercise program helps slow the aging process. Yet those whose..


Chi Nei Tsang by Mantak Chia

An ancient Taoist system for detoxifying and rejuvenating the internal organs   The techniques of Chi Nei Tsang evolved in Asia during an era when few physicians were available and people ha..


Chi Self-Massage by Mantak Chia

Energetic massage techniques that dispel negative emotions, relieve stress, and strengthen the senses, internal organs, and nervous system   The Western concept of massage primarily concerns..


Cosmic Astrology by Mantak Chia and Willim U. Wei

Combining Chinese Taoist astrology, Western zodiac astrology, and birth destiny cards to develop your innate talents and transform your negative traits    With your first breath of life..


Cosmic Detox by Mantak Chia and William U. Wei

How to cleanse the nine openings of the body for detoxification and self-healing Long known by Taoist masters, the body has an innate ability to heal itself, an ability that is hampered by toxins..


Cosmic Fusion by Mantak Chia and William U. Wei

A guide to the advanced practice of Inner Alchemy, which brings the physical body into balance with the energy body Cosmic Fusion is an advanced level of Inner Alchemy that teaches how to bring t..


Cosmic Nutrition by Mantak Chia and William U. Wei

Achieve vibrant health by combining ancient Taoist principles, modern alternative health practices, and acid-alkaline balance    The human body, like all phenomena in nature, possesses ..


Destiny In Palm Of Your Hand by Ghanshyam Singh Birla

Use the ancient Indian art of Vedic palmistry as a guide to self-understanding and the creation of your destiny. • Learn to influence your future to bring forth the best qualities of heart, mind,..


Energy Balance Through Tao by Mantak Chia

An introduction to the ancient Taoist exercise system of Tao Yin• Includes 45 fully illustrated exercises that promote flexibility, strength, and balance in one’s physical, mental, and spiritual energ..


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