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Indian Mythology

Arjuna : The Gentle Warrior by Vatsala Sperling

A children’s story featuring Arjuna, a compassionate warrior who must choose between abstaining from battle or fulfilling his destiny to end the war   We are all born for a purpose, though s..


Ganga by Vatsala Sperling

Tells how the Hindu goddess Ganga came to Earth as the Ganges River• Introduces children to one of the most beloved characters of Hindu mythology• Illustrated throughout with full-color paintings in t..


Hanuman's Journey To The Medicine Mountain by Vatsala Sperling

Tells the adventures of the magical monkey Hanuman, beloved in India as the devoted helper of Ram, hero of the Hindu epic tale the Ramayana • Introduces Western children to one of the most playfu..


How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head by Harish Johari and Vatsala Sperling

The magical story of how Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati, was brought back to life with the head of an elephant • The story of one of the most beloved characters in Indian lore, made accessi..


Karna : The Greatest Archer In The World by Vatsala Sperling

Features Karna, a brave and ambitious character from the epic Mahabharata, as famous for his generosity as for his skills with bow and arrow • Introduces children to one of the most colorful char..


Ram The Demon Slayer by Vatsala Sperling

An illustrated version of the classic Hindu epic the Ramayana• Presents the famous Hindu epic retold for Western children ages 6 to 9• Fully illustrated with full-color paintings in traditional Indian..


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