Vikram Aur Betaal

Vikram Aur Betaal Story

Suryamal and his bride's dilemma

Betal started telling a story… There was a famous Devi temple in Patliputra which people used to visit from distant towns. Once, two men named Suryamal and Chandrasen had come to visit this temple from another town. Just after paying their respect, when Suryamal turned he saw a beautiful woman praying. He immediately fell in love with her and thought of getting married to her. Suryamal told this to his friend Chandrasen. Chandrasen was very excited to hear this and advised him to go and talk to the girl’s parents if he was really serious about her. Both of them went to her place to seek permission from the girl’s father for their marriage. Her father agreed on one condition which was, that she would continue praying to the Devi twice a day even after their marriage since she was a great devotee of Devi. Suryamal agreed to the condition and got married to her.

King Chandrasen and his servant Satvasheel

Yet again Vikram started walking with Betal on his shoulders and Betal started off… On the seacoast was a town named Tamralipi where a young man named Satvasheel was taking rounds of the palace to meet King Chandrasen for a job. But the King’s staff never allowed him to meet the King. Satvasheel did not loose hope and kept trying everyday. One day, while he was talking to a lady vendor selling hog plums, a man came and told them to step aside as the King’s procession was to pass by. On hearing this, Satvasheel was very happy. As soon as the King’s procession passed by, he ran after King Chandrasen. The King stopped and asked him his name and then asked him for water.

The lover of Princess Chandraprabha

Vikram loaded Betal on his back again and Betal started with an interesting story. Princess Chandraprabha of a city named Kusumavati fell in love with Manukumar. Manukumar wanted to get married to Chandraprabha but it was impossible as Chandraprabha’s father would never allow her to marry an ordinary man as he wanted his daughter to marry a prince. Chandraprabha asked Manu to forget her because if the King came to know about their affair, Manu would get a death penalty, so she forced him to go away. On his way to the jungle, Manu saw a magician’s team being attacked by robbers. Manu fought with the robbers and scared them away.

The dreams of Dagdoo

Betal adored Vikram’s courage as yet again in the dark night he came to get him. As usual, Betal started another story……. The story was of a city named Chandanpur. There lived an old woman who had a young son named Dagdoo. The old lady used to do embroidery work and earn her livelihood. Dagdoo was a useless boy who did nothing but only ate, slept and dreamt. It so happened to be that whatever he dreamt turned out to be true. He could see the future and it happened to be that he only used to see the destruction in everyone’s life. Everyone hated him because of the way he said things and they all felt that he had a black tongue.