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Entry of Kaliyug

Once upon a time in Brahmalok (the eternal residence of Lord Brahma), Lord Brahma was seated on a white lotus. Goddess Parvati was sitting next to Him. Just then Devrishi (sages who are living in the abode of Gods) Narad came and bowed to Lord Brahma. Narad was worried. When Brahmaji asked Devrishi, Devrishi said that he had been to the “Kumbhmela” at Haridwar where he bowed to Gangaji and then went to Vrindavan where he heard a lady crying. Two people were sleeping next to the lady. When Naradji asked her for the reason she was crying, she said that she was Bhaktimata (Goddess) and the two people next to her were her sons, knowledge and asceticism who had become very weak due to the impact of Kalyug. All three were sad. She wanted to know if there was any way out wherein all three- devotion, knowledge and asceticism could live together.

Krishna sends Udhav to Gopis

Uddhav was Shri Krishna’s cousin brother. The deities’ teacher Brihaspati gave Brahmagyan (divine knowledge) to his disciple Uddhav. Uddhavreceived knowledge par excellence. After this, he stopped praying to God and meditated only for the formless (spiritual) divine being. He was very proud about his knowledge. Krishna, to break his ego created an act and told Uddhav, “I have come to Mathura but still my mind is fascinated with Radha and the Gopis. You are very knowledgeable, please get me relieved from this fascination and let the Gopis free from my affection.” According to Uddhav, this was the fascination of love; a knowledgeable person does not get carried away with emotions. Then Krishna told him to go to Gokul and free the Gopis from the emotion of affection.

Droupadi Vastraharan

Duryodhan was very jealous of the grandeur of Indraprasth, capital of the Pandavas. Shakuni uncle gave him an idea that the Pandavas would come to Hastinapur for the Holi festival. On this occasion he must invite Yudhishthir for gambling. Yudhishthir loved to gamble and so he would be ready to play. Later Shakuni would defeat him by cheating him and then support Duryodhan in snatching away the kingdom of the Pandavas. On getting the invitation from Duryodhan, Yudhishthir played the game. The condition of the game was that whoever lost the game would go in exile for twelve years and one year living incognito.

Shri Krishna in Kauravas court as envoy of peace

Shri Krishna went to court of the Kauravas being the peace messenger and explained toDhritrashtra and others to side the truth and let the Pandavas enjoy their rights. Duryodhan was adamant about fighting a war. Then he ordered Dushashan to make Krishna his captive. Krishna appeared in his Viraat (gigantic) form and frightened everyone and met Kunti and Vidurbefore returning. Kunti advised her sons to fight for their rights and prepare for war.