Ramayan TV Serial

Birth of Rama and Gurukul

The terror and torment of Ravana had burdened the Dharti (earth) with an immense load of sins. The anguished Dharti (earth) appealed to Indra who in turn appealed to Brahma. Then Brahma took all the Gods and Dharti to Shiva and then all of them together went to Vishnudham where Lord Vishnu was reclining on his Sheshshaiyya (serpent seat). Goddess Lakshmi was seated at his feet, gently massaging his feet.

The Gods appealed to Vishnu to help Dharti (earth) and rid it of the trouble and turmoil. Lord Vishnu promised to appear on earth in a human form in a new avatar.

Death of Dashratha, Bharat journeys to meet with Ram

Shri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita reached the hermitage of Valmiki. The Sage welcomed them and they spent the night there. Rama requested Valmiki to suggest a place where they could spend their years in the forest.

Valmiki said, "Your ideal place is in the hearts of your devotees but from a worldly perspective, there is a place nearby, by the banks of River Mandakini, at Chitrakoot." It is a very peaceful and picturesque place. Many sages spend their ascetic lives around there.

Sugreeva reinstated as King and Sita's search begins

The invitation and message sent by King Janaka reached Ayodhya and the messenger narrated the details of the Swayamvar and Rama's lifting of the mighty arrow of Shiva thereby winning Sita's hand.