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Alif Laila 20 DVD's

The Internationally known ALIF LAILA (ARABIAN NIGHTS) consist of 1001 stories including the world’s most famous tales such as ‘ALLAHDIN AND THE MAGIC LAMP’, ALIBABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES’, SEVEN VOYAGES OF SINDBAD THE SAILOR’ etc..

SULTAN SHEHRYAR- kind considerate and just whose kingdom extended from Turkey to China due to infidelity of his wife had turned into a beast. He would marry a virgin everyday and with the first ray of sun execute her in the morning. His revenge and hatred for women was satisfied with making women bridge only for one night, Vazir’s Daughter SHEHARZADE decided to make a human out this animal SULTAN SHERYAR - She decided to free and bring back women’s dignity in the Sultan’s Kingdom. Princess SHEHARZADE decided to marry SULTAN SHEHRYAR - even she was to be bridge for only one day. Every night she narrated Sultan one story - full of EASTERN WISDOM full of HUMAN GREATNESS and SACRIFICE - But every morning the story ended at a point which aroused the Sultan’s curiosity as a child and he wanted to know further the fate of Magic Lamp or the Forty Thieves or the Genie imprisoned in the Brass bottle - and hence every night SULTAN SHEHRYAR spared PRINCESS SHEHARZADE’s life for one more night this continued for 1001 nights.

ARABIAN NIGHTS alias ALIF LAILA alias 1001 NIGHTS has lived through centuries, broken all political barriers and appealed to the old and young alike. ARABIAN NIGHTS has inspired great English writers such as SIR RICHARD BURTON who translated the same in English for HIS MAJESTY - THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND - QUEEN VICTORIA.

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