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Mahabharat is an Indian television series based on the Hindu epic of the same name. The 94-episode Hindi seriesoriginally ran from 2 October 1988 to 24 June 1990 on DD National. It was produced by B. R. Chopra and directed by his son Ravi Chopra. The music was composed by Rajkamal. The script was written by the Urdu poet Rahi Masoom Raza, based on the original story by Vyasa.

Each episode ran for approximately 45 minutes and began with a title song that consisted of lyrical content and two verses from the Bhagavad Gita. The title song was sung and the verses rendered by singer Mahendra Kapoor. The title song was followed by a narration by Indian voice artist Harish Bhimani of a personification of Time, detailing the current circumstances and highlighting the spiritual significance of the content of the episode.

The series had unprecedented success post the success of another landmark series, Ramayana. The series was also dubbed in all major South Indian languages. It is a must have for one's library.

 Format DVD

Language TAMIL

Manufacturer Reliance

Number of Discs 8


Subtitles English 

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