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Prince Surath of Chandranagari is a descendant of Manu and he is the chosen one who will rebuild the destroyed temple of Durga. The story revolves around Surath and his consort, Sumukhi, the Princess of neighbouring Vijaydurg. Sumukhi is a devout worshipper of the goddess Durga. Sumukhi is a devout worshipper of the goddess Durga.

The love story between Sumukhi and Surath goes through upheavals because of their beliefs in honour and duty, betrayal and distrust. Jai Maa Durga is the story of devotion. Sumukhi turns to the unseen force whenever she is in trouble. So strong is her belief that the Goddess makes herself visible to her in the form of nine little girls. Sumukhi knows that she is always protected by the creator of the universe. It is the story of deceit. Sumukhi’s maternal uncle Durjay has his own reasons for trying to destroy her father and his relationships. It is the story of lust and greed. Dhoomraketu lusts after Sumukhi, only to be killed unceremoniously by the brave Surath. This leads to his brother Kalketu’s vengeance and thus the destruction begins. It is a lesson in life, with sage words from none other than the Goddess herself. It is the story of good versus evil- the existence of both is important for the balance in the Universe but when evil becomes too strong, divine powers have to intervene, so that mankind survives yet another era...

The serial was designed to give viewers a mix of mythology, fiction, puranic stories, folk myth etc; it also included the stories and myth as in Durga Saptashati Shakti puran, Devi Puran- the slaying of the demons Bhaisasur (half man –half buffalo) and Raktabeej whose one drop of blood produced a thousand dreams. Durga takes the form of Kali and drank every drop of his blood to save mankind from death.  





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