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In the ancient stories, the Demon king Andhakasur has been referred to as the enemy of the Devtas. He used

In the ancient times, in the lineage of Maharshi Bhrigu, there was a famous saint named Aurva. Aurva Rishi played

Bali was a famous demon king and the grandson of Prahlad, the greatest devotee of Vishnu. Bali staunchly observed penance

In the ancient stories, Bhrigu has been called the philosopher Muni, and the one who fought for the interest of

The adventurous and skilled King Bhagirath of the Isvaku dynasty was the son of King Dilip. Bhagirath’s ancestor, King Sagar

According to the Puranic Lore, at the end of every cycle of creation, during Mahapralaya (the absolute dissolution of creation

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